Members' Ticket Order Form

Members (and their friends, through them) enjoy the bonus of being able to get tickets for our major concerts through the kind offices of Mags and Julia. 
There's been some confusion about the difference between the types of ticket (reserved/unreserved) and the method of payment. Here's a clarification: 

  • For RESERVED seating (designated seats, all in Stalls Rows E-G, Tiered Stalls and Balcony): there are only TWO ways to or cheque made payable to Live Nation Music Venues.
  • For UNRESERVED seating (remaining seats in the Stalls; sit where you please within this section of seating): there are THREE ways to pay as we have tickets which we can sell, cheque (made payable to Southampton Philharmonic Society) or by bank transfer to the choir's account (we would prefer the latter and Mags is happy to take email orders so that payments can be cleared between rehearsals)

Finally, remember that we offer a generous group concession: buy 5, get 6th ticket free.