Concert brief for 20 June

Here's the brief as a pdf for downloading/printing.  And here it is as a webpage:



SPC Concert brief – 20 June 2015


Concert date, place and times

Saturday 20 June at Winchester Cathedral

Set up: from 12.00.

Tutti rehearsal: 13.30 – 16.30. Please be aware that we have to vacate the Cathedral promptly at the end of the rehearsal. There is a service of Evensong from 17.30 to 18.00.

Concert starts at 19.30. Chorus to be ready 'backstage' at marshalling points to move on stage at 19.15.

Interval at the end of the Lacrymosa (approximately 20.15, for 20 minutes).
Concert ends at approximately 21.20.



Use the South door of the Cathedral for both the rehearsal and the concert.


Changing facilities

Singers and players can leave personal belongings and concert gear at Prior's Hall from 13.00 to 22.00. An attendant will be on the door throughout. Although it's a big space, we are having to share it with over 80 orchestral players, so if you are able to get changed elsewhere, please do! During the orchestra's tea-break, please try to avoid the kitchen area (ground floor), as approximately 80 players will be converging on the space for their tea and biscuits.

Concert dress

Men: Black dinner suit (no handkerchief in jacket breast pocket); black bow tie; long-sleeved white shirt; black shoes.

Women: Ankle or full-length plain black skirt or full-length, formal, black trousers; ¾ or long-sleeved plain black top; black shoes. Please – no jeans or casual-style trousers, even if black; no skirt shorter than ankle-length; no sequins, beads, off-the-shoulder styles, etc.; no sparkly jewellery.


Music and covers

Singers are responsible for their own black music cover. Please remember to bring yours with you on the day of the concert and take it home again at the end. After the concert, please leave hired music in the boxes at the exit from the choir staging, and if you've had to borrow a folder from Sue, please make sure you return that, too.


On stage

For the performance, the chorus enters the tiered seating row by row, according to the seating plan. Sit down immediately you reach your place. Do not applaud when the conductor enters. Follow the briefed sits and stands (see next page).

At the interval (20 minutes) leave the tiered seating row by row, in reverse order. Please make sure you are back 10 minutes after the start of the interval, at your marshalling point, ready to file on again. When directed to do so, file on row by row, as for the start of the concert.

Toilets: in Prior's Hall and also in the Fleury Room in the Cathedral, but the latter are for the use of the audience, too, so bear that in mind!



The Cathedral is open to the public throughout the afternoon. Security of your belongings cannot be guaranteed. Please keep your valuables safe.



Parking in the Cathedral Close is by permit only. There are several car parks in Winchester.


Please remember at all times that the Cathedral is a place of worship





Concert Instructions


Please mark instructions in your scores.


Stand as David enters.


Sopranos/Altos: Sit at the end of No. 2. Stand at the end of No. 3.

Tutti:  Stay very still at the end of No. 6 (Lacrymosa), which is the end of the first half.  Remain standing for any applause.  As soon as the leader of the orchestra gets up to leave, file off stage, row by row (in reverse order to entry).




Sopranos/Altos: Sit at the end of No. 7 (Offertorium)Stand for No. 9 (Sanctus).

Tenors/Basses:  Sit at the end of No. 8 (Hostias). Stand at the end of the bar preceding the first Hosanna of the fugue (16 bars after Fig 77).

Tutti Remain perfectly still after our final amen, until David lowers his baton. You may then breathe again.


Be mindful of any places where a quiet page turn is required. Note these in rehearsal and observe them in performance. Thank you.