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Sits and stands - St Matthew Passion

 Sits, stands and other instructions

    PART I

    STAND at entrance of Conductor and soloists.

    No.s 4 and 5 are cut.

    SIT Page 30, bottom line; bar 2 of no. 8.

    STAND Page 38, top line, bar 29, second time (note the da capo).

    SIT Page 43, at end of no. 16.

    STAND Page 50 at end of bar 10.

    SIT at bottom of Page 68, bar 82.

    STAND Page 74, bar 9.

    SIT Page 75, at the end of no. 31.

    STAND Page 79, before no. 33 (chorus 1, be ready to come in at the start of page 80!)

Concert brief - St Matthew Passion

SPC Concert brief – 3 March 2018

Please remember at all times that the Cathedral is a place of worship

Concert date, place and times: Saturday 3 March, Winchester Cathedral

  • Rehearsal: 13.00 – 16.00. Please arrive in good time to find your seat on stage.
    We have to vacate the Cathedral promptly at 16.00, when there is a rehearsal, followed by a service of sung Evensong.


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